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Posted by on June, 30, 2012

To reduce the heavy and large pieces of wood into smaller forms like wood chips, mulch or saw dust, Wood Chippers are high in demand. Wood chips and saw dust are used in many ways and for different purposes. These Wood Chippers can be easily transported either with the help of trailer or truck. Wood Chippers usually consist of an internal combustion engine and a hydraulic crane. This internal combustion engine supplies the power to Wood Chipper.

The hopper is an essential part of Wood Chipper, which is designed with the intention of safety of a person. The wood logs are put into this hopper and then blades process the logs to get the end product. The final product is collected in a chute. This chute can be inclined at any angle to feed the product into trailer, truck or a bin. Wood Chippers are available in various sizes and the type of tree being chipped decides the size. A Wood Chipping Machine falls under different categories:

  • High Torque Roller: These chippers are used for residential applications. Their working is based on the rollers which run on low speed but with a high torque. An electric motor is required to start the chipper. Its high torque roller chips the wood without making any noise. Dust is not created if you are using High torque roller for wood chipping.
  • Disk Style Chipper: This chipper contains a disk made up of steel and knives are mounted on this disk, which chip the wood. The wood passes through the disk with the help of reversible hydraulic wheels. While the disk starts rotating, knives chip the wood. For high uniformity in size and shape of the final product, Disk Style Chipper is common among people.
  • Drum Chipper: Drum Chipper is equipped with a drum which gets power from an electric motor. This drum is placed parallel to the hopper and spins continuously. Here chipping of wood is not very precise and the process is quite noisy. Also the large pieces of wood may create problem and get stuck in the drum. To overcome these problems Disk Style Chipper was invented and hence is preferred more.

The products of these Wood Chippers can be used for numerous purposes. The mulch acts as a protective layer which is laid down on the soil to prevent it from the climatic factors. In gardening, mulch plays an important role. It increases the capacity of soil for holding the moisture for long. It also does not let the weeds to grow around the plants. Mulch can also be used to enhance the quality of oil extracted from trees prior to oil distillation. The discarded or used wood fences can be recycled and used in Paper Industry for making papers. Wood Chippers or Shredders are also used to reduce the debris of trees. Many Wood Shredder Suppliers sell Wood chippers,Brush cutter machine and Garden Hedge Trimmers through the medium of internet hence order can be placed online with reasonable shipping charges. But one thing to consider is that your should always compare the motor capacity and quality of Chippers and then get ready to pay.

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