Green Planet Machines Pvt. Ltd. Blog Latest Products Wed, 29 Nov 2023 16:40:54 +0530 en-us GENERATOR ENGINES Wed, 20 Oct 2010 17:00:51 +0530 We are a significant Generator Engines Suppliers in India. We are also one of the leading Generator Engines Trader offering best generator engines at very reasonable prices. We offer only quality Generator Engines to our valued customers. We actively deal in Generator Engines Wholesale and offer irresistible prices The Benefits of Lawn Mower Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:04:22 +0530 Since the entry of your house begins with a garden, it is necessary to keep it well-maintained so that it can leave a powerful impression on the visitors. If you have a big garden, then regularly cleaning it manually will require a lot of laborious efforts.  But with the use of Lawn Mower, you can find a permanent solution to keep your lawn clean and beautiful. With this equipment, you can trim down your lawn much in very less time. It is a perfect equipment which saves your time as well as energy. It can be used for both household and commercial purposes.   The Main Benefits of Electronic Lawn Mower Are: The Lawn Mower is environmental friendly and does not lead to any pollution. It is energy efficient and creates less noise. These Lawn Mowers are light weight which makes them an ideal choice in sloping gardens. It is very convenient even in bushy and awkward places as it has a box designed beneath the machine which helps in the collection of grass. It also does not include any hassle of taking up the cuttings after gardening. The rollers of the Lawn Machine flatten the grass before cutting and make it an ideal choice on jagged grounds. It is a perfect choice for those who are busy at their work place as it gives them an opportunity to clean their gardens at fast speed.   Different Lawn Mowers: Apart from Electronic Lawn Machines, other Lawn machines are: Manual Lawn Mowers: As the name suggests, these mowers are manually operated and are very light weight. They are made up of aluminum while their gears are made up of steel. They require minimum efforts and can be used in any ground structure. Ride on Mower: This type of Lawn Mower is mostly used for big areas such as stadiums, golf course, private and public lawns and lots more. This is an ideal choice for cutting heavier and taller grasses. It is expensive as compared to other Lawn Mowers but is an ideal option for commercial places.   You can choose the best Lawn Mower according to your own convenience. All the well-recognized Lawn Mower Distributors in India can be searched online. You can look for the best websites which deal in providing Lawn Mower at the most affordable rates. About Hedge Trimmers Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:09:02 +0530 Hedge Trimmer is an important gardening tool which is used in trimming of bushes, shrubs and branches. These trimmers can be powered manually or electronically and provide a perfect shape and thinness to the bushes. Manual trimmer is suitable for small jobs but electronic trimmers are efficient for large jobs which help in cutting the bushes and shrubs in perfect shapes.   Different Types of Hedge TrimmersThere are two types of Hedge Trimmers: Electric Hedge Trimmer: For keeping a beautiful and well-maintained garden, the need of trimming unwanted shrubs is highly essential. Electric Hedge Trimmer cuts your shrubs precisely and neatly. It saves your time and manpower and is inexpensive. It is a powerful solution which keeps your garden clean without any hassles. These electric trimmers are available in different models and you can choose the one according to your requirement. Petrol Hedge Trimmers: These are mostly used in various industrial applications and are easy to operate and are low on maintenance. They are highly durable and can be used for the efficient cutting of shrubs. They can be used for a long span of time and can easily withstand all weather conditions.   Various Uses of Hedge Trimmer: Along with cutting of shrubs and hedges, it is also used to cut fruits from the trees. It is also used in cutting of grass, for which the use of electronic ones is recommended. Hedge Trimmers also provide perfect and thin shape to the bushes.   How to Choose an Appropriate Hedge Trimmer? Check the weight of the trimmer. The best trimmer will be the one which will have proper distributed weight in the middle. This type of trimmer is safe to carry and is easily portable. Check the capacity of the trimmer. Note that an appropriate trimmer is able to cut even the most stubborn parts of shrubs and branches. You need to search sharp blades for cutting shrubs and bushes. For beginners, a single-edge blade clipper is very efficient. For a specialist, cutting shrubs from a dual-blade clipper will be more efficient and will reduce their burden accordingly. Going to the websites of reliable Hedge Trimmers Distributors in India can provide you with the detailed information about its different types and you can choose and purchase the most appropriate one according to your budget. What a Brush Cutter Can Do For a Garden Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:13:37 +0530 The greenery of nature is something that is not just to beautify homes and streets but also serves as an open space for peaceful activities in the rowdy, fast-moving urban life. Garden is a manmade creation in the metropolitan so as to kept man can keep intimacy with the nature. Beautiful gardens are the blend of the innovation of man and the serenity of the nature.   Exquisitely planned Boulevards give a distinct look to the streets and gardens. Although garden is the remarkable creation of man, it needs to be taken care to maintain its beauty. Gardeners are involved in various kinds of activities to embellish the gardens such as plucking unwanted weeds, sowing seeds of fruits and flowers, shaping the grass, etc. This involves a lot of physical labor and does not always provide the desired look of the garden. Therefore, latest technology has surpassed all barriers in simplifying the manual efforts and saving time.   Nowadays, one can give a face-lift to the garden through Garden and Agriculture Machines such as Chainsaws, Garden Chippers, Rotary Cultivators, Garden Blowers, Lawn Mowers, Brush Cutters, etc.   About Brush CuttersBrush Cutters can turn around the overall look of the garden by their manifold qualities such as trimming, plucking, and many more. Brush Cutter is a machine that is used to decorate the gardens by cleaning up the unwanted growth of the weeds and the grass along the border of the garden, which is very difficult to manage otherwise. Brush Cutter can be easily used for small home gardens as well as for the big street gardens. This machine is not only capable of cutting the back hedges but also shrubs, bushes and small trees. The Brush Cutters manage the apt height of the grasses making it soft and smooth to touch. Brush Cutters have sharp edges to pluck the undesired weeds and are environment friendly.   Some Of The Prominent Features Of The Brush Cutters Are: Uniformity in trimming the grasses Suitable for all weather conditions Cutting grasses with variations in the height  Used for low ground work Low electrical consumption Powerful engine   Brush Cutters Can Be Used For: Agriculture Horticulture   There are Garden Machine Dealers and Suppliers in the market arena that offer a wide range of Garden Machinery for different sectors of production. Few well-renowned Brush Cutter Suppliers provide premium quality machinery that is multi-purpose as well as suitable for all kinds of circumstances. The authentic Suppliers of the Brush Cutters provide Garden & Agriculture Machines which are completely pollution free and energy efficient.   So, Buy Garden Equipment like Brush Cutters now so as to rekindle your garden to experience tranquility and mesmerizing beauty! Great Cheap Lawn Mowers For All Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:18:15 +0530 Gardens are a place where a person can find peace from the regular hustle-bustle of the urban life. Gardens are a conglomeration of nature with hint of artistic touch incorporated by man. There are several gardens which are famous for their innovatory concepts where man has exploited the nature to an unimaginable height.   There are various Garden & Agriculture Machines which are used to adorn the gardens; for instance, Brush Cutters, Hedge Trimmers, Lawn Mowers, Chainsaws, Rotary Cultivators and many more. They all serve different purposes of beautifying the garden such as trimming the grass, plucking the weeds, etc.   Lawn MowersLawn Mower is one such amazing example for decorating the gardens which can be widely used in large parks to small household gardens. Lawn Mowers have the revolving blade which is used to cut the grass in a uniform manner. It should be noted that Lawn Mower or any such the machinery to clean the gardens should not emit the poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide which could damage the environment. Moreover, Lawn Mowers should be such that they do not produce extreme sound leading to noise pollution. The quality of components used in making them decides how much durable they are. Mainly, Lawn Mowers are made up of Aluminum and Steel.   The Lawn Mowers Can Be Used In: Agriculture Horticulture Gardening   Generally There Are Four Kinds Of Lawn Mowers: Electric Lawn Mower Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Ride On Mower Manual Lawn Mowers   Gardening or agricultural activity involves a lot of expenditure and physical labor mainly because of the machines which are used to perform these activities. Therefore, it is important to research a lot before Buying Garden & Agriculture Machines. There are various Garden Machine Suppliers and Dealers in the market who provide the Lawn Mowers of premium quality that confirms to the international standards. The Suppliers of the Garden & Agriculture Machines also provide the machinery at discounted price which can be easily transported to any place round the world.   Do a thorough research before purchasing the machines for making your garden look scintillating. Lawn-Mowers - Have A Beautiful Lawn Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:20:53 +0530 Do you have your own lawn? Yes! Do you wish to enhance its beauty but do not know how to? Do not worry, go through this article and you will certainly get the solution to fulfill your aspirations.   Urban life is fast and full of mental as well as physical pressure. Therefore, to calm our nerves we need to refresh ourselves so that we can improve our work efficiency at home and office.  Therefore, we need open spaces where we can relieve our energy to the surrounding environment and breathe in the fresh air and rejuvenate our senses. While keeping this thing in mind, people have started making lawns within their residential premises itself so that they can pacify their anxiety levels by being there for some time. With this, they also desire to make their lawns beautiful and eye-catchy by adding a touch of contemporary as well as ancestral look.   Lawn is an artistic, amusing vision of the man where different plants are grown that may or may not be ornamental. The lawns may also be embellished with climbers, vegetables and beautiful flowers. The grass is generally is maintained at low height with loot of uniformity in the growth. The grass is designed with different look which further enhances the beauty of the lawn.   Lawn Mowers: An Essence Of Beautiful GardensLawn Mower is an instrument whose blades revolve to trim the grass into the desired shape. It is easy to operate. It consumes less time and the beautification of the lawn is done in very less time. Moreover, Lawn Mowers are very energy efficient in spite of the heavy motor attached to them that runs the machinery. They allow the accumulation of the trimmed grass inside so as to clear the path and avoid extra efforts of collecting the cut grass.   Different kinds of grass can be grown in the lawn; for instance, in zig-zag pattern, lined or chequed pattern and then it can be cut with the help of Lawn Mowers.   There are many Lawn Mower Suppliers and Dealers in the market arena who provide premium quality Garden and Agricultural Machines. Not only this, it is important to purchase Lawn Mowers only from certified suppliers as they are experienced in understanding the needs of the consumer and the problem that they could face while handling it. Therefore, reliable Suppliers of the Lawn Mowers provide proper training to the users about the mechanism to use these machines.   Hence, Garden and Agricultural Machines have eased out our tasks of decorating our gardens. Look out for the Lawn Mowers and enjoy the magnificence of nature.  Lawn Care Equipment: Lawn Mowers Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:25:12 +0530 Gardens are the places which are used to calm our nerves, restore our productivity level, improve health and execute various leisure activities. They are part of the metropolitan cities where it becomes difficult to view the greenery of nature.  The buildings and streets have occupied most of the spaces. The chaotic lifestyle has made it mandatory to have one’s own lawn so that within less timeframe one can get all the health benefits through fresh air available there itself.   World of Beautiful Lawns: Lawn MowersLawn Mower is one of the Garden and Agricultural Machines which is used to trim the unwanted grass and to remove the weeds from the lawn. Lawn Mowers can also be used to decorate the lawn with several pattered designs such as sequence or lined patterns, zig-zag or curved patterns, etc. Lawn Mowers have blades which revolve and trim the grass accordingly. The grass is cut and collected in the box inside the Lawn Mower. This prevents the spreading of the waste grass all over the place. Thus, it performs twin functions of cutting the grass and cleaning the lawn at the same time.   There are generally four kinds of Lawn Mowers which perform the specific tasks and vary according to the needs of the users. Manual Lawn Mower: It has deck material made up of aluminum. The width of the cutting blade is 38 cm. Electric Lawn Mower: The deck material is made with steel and deck width is generally 46 cm. Self-Propelled Lawn Mower: The deck material is made up of steel and its deck width is generally 53 cm. Ride on Mower: It has a powerful engine with net power of 3 kW at 2.600 rpm. Its deck width is normally 92 cm.   There are many Suppliers and Dealers of the Lawn Mowers who provide premium quality Garden and Agricultural Machines which are made with superior raw materials. The buyers must ensure that they contact only authentic Suppliers of the Lawn Mowers, who are certified and their products confirm to the international standards. Efficient Lawn Mower is indispensable to make magnificent lawns and gardens, whether at home or large amusement parks. Therefore, one needs to be a skeptical buyer to get the value for money. Buying Guide to Lawn Mower Mon, 09 Apr 2012 18:10:13 +0530 Are you fond of your beautiful garden or lawn? If you have answered in yes, then it becomes very important to take their proper care. To serve this purpose, the most vital requirement is of an appropriate Lawn Mower. One such important equipment is Lawn Mower. It is a machine that is used to evenly cut the grass of lawns, gardens, etc. Lawn Mowers use a rotating blade or blades to cut the grass evenly. They help in beautifying your gardens. There are various types of Lawn Mowers available, suited to perform specific purposes.   Types Of Land Mowers: Cylinder or Reel Mowers Rotary Mowers Hover Mowers Robotic Mower Riding Mowers   There are small Lawn Mowers that are appropriate for residential gardens and lawns. They are manually pushed as they are relatively light in weight. Ride-on Lawn Mowers, being larger in size, are suitable for large lawns. The largest Lawn Mowers are multi-gang mowers that are fitted behind a tractor. They are used at huge places like golf courses, municipal parks, etc. If you are able to choose the right Lawn Mower for you, then surely it will enable you to perform your garden tasks easily.   If You Are Planning To Buy A Lawn Mower, Then You Should Consider The Following Aspects In Order To Make The Right Choice: While purchasing a Lawn Mower, you must see that whether it comes with a vehicle (trailer, etc.) or not. The dimensions and weight are also important considerations to look for. If you are Buying a Lawn Mower for your farm, then ensure that it has a rack installed into the vehicle for the proper storage. There are ‘walk-behind’ Lawn Mowers available in market. To use them, you need to walk behind them and push or pull them. These are best for small residential lawns. Such kinds of Lawn Mowers are known for their comfortable design and practicability. A lot of energy is saved when you use these mowers. For small and hilly terrain areas, the most appropriate type is ‘Ride on’ Lawn Mowers. These mowers are very efficient and easy to operate.  You just need to ride them. These Land Mowers use power for their working.   With the above mentioned aspects in mind, you will be able to purchase the most appropriate Land Mower, making your task of cutting grass or agricultural harvest very easy. Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Mon, 09 Apr 2012 18:11:28 +0530 In this modern hectic lifestyle, people rarely get time for recreation. Getting closer to nature has become something that every individual desires. This has emphasized the idea of having gardens and lawns in the house itself. Moreover, these are considered one of the most beautiful parts of the house. These places add charm and beauty to the residence. They reflect the creativity and vision of the people residing inside the house. Thus, people are getting more passionate towards maintaining the beauty and splendor of the lawn area. Lawn sports like football, golf, etc. are also becoming tremendously popular. The garden and lawns act as the ideal place in the house, where a person can sit with relaxation and cheer his or her mood. They bring calmness and peace of mind to the individuals. Therefore, keeping the garden and lawns clean is an essential part of today’s life.   An essential equipment that is required for keeping the lawns clean as well as green are the lawn mowers. Lawn mower is a machine that is used to chop up the grasses uniformly with whirling blades. These mowers are a prime requisite for maintaining the cleanliness of the lawns. The lawn mowers are available in a variety of shapes and with different working techniques. Choosing the right one is quite essential as per the lawn area. Residential lawns need small mowers while large ones are needed for larger lawns like golf course, football court, etc. Self-propelled lawn mowers have internal ignition engines that run on liquid fuels like gasoline. These are amongst the prime variety of lawn mowers that are used these days. There are wide options in this particular type of mower depending on the working mechanism used.   Mentioned Below Are Two Main Types Of Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers: Self-propelled rotary lawn mowers: Self-propelled rotary lawn mowers have whirling blades that revolve about the horizontal axis. The blades stop spinning when the operator moves the grip off the bar. Even after releasing the bar, the drive does not shut off, thus facilitating the move. Alternating the mowing direction is essential to avoid grass chopping in the same direction. Self-propelled rear lawn mowers: In this specific type of lawn mower, the whirling blades move about the horizontal axis. They incorporate the use of improved technology and provide instantaneous trimming.   The self-propelled lawn mowers work very efficiently at inclines. High speed and low cost are some additional benefits of the self-propelled mowers. Henceforth, these self-propelled lawn mowers have proved out to be a great boom for the people passionate about lawns and gardens. The Positive Aspects Of Electric Lawn Mowers Tue, 01 May 2012 12:13:57 +0530 The lawn mowers are used primarily for the maintenance of gardens and lawns. The extra grass needs to be chopped and cut appositely to maintain and give a better and eye catching look to the garden. Several types of equipment are used for the maintenance of the garden and lawn area. Some of the most common among them are lawn mowers and lawn tractors. The extra grass in the lawn area is clipped off using the lawn mowers. There are different types of lawn mowers. Some of the most common ones are electric lawn mowers, self propelled lawn mowers, gasoline powered lawn mower, etc.   The gasoline powered lawn mowers were widely used earlier. But, these have been drastically replaced by the electric lawn mowers. The electric lawn mowers have several advantages over other types of mowers. There are four main types of the electric lawn mowers- hover mower, rear roller electric mower, electric cylinder mower and four wheeled electric type mower.   Some Of The Main Benefits Of The Electric Mower Are Listed Below: The electric lawn mowers are very convenient to use. They are ready to be used with a simple overnight charging. On the other hand, the gasoline mowers need a constant supply of gasoline. The latter also frequently undergoes issues with different components leading to inefficient working of the machine. Environment friendly: The electric lawn mowers are eco friendly as compared to the gasoline mowers which emit carbon gases. The technology of gasoline lawn mowers is responsible for emission of carbon gases which is a major cause of global warming. On the other hand, the electric mowers use just electricity and do not emit any harmful substance. Therefore, the electric lawn mowers are very beneficial. The electric lawn mowers do not emit smoke or fumes and also produce less noise as compared to the other types of mowers. The electric mowers are also simpler and easier to maintain while the gasoline mowers need proper and timely maintenance. The cost of gas, tune-ups and other components of the machine is also high. On the other hand, the maintenance of the electric mowers is quite easy and cost effective.   The several advantages of the <b><a href="">electric lawn mowers</a></b> have enhanced their use in the modern society where an effective and easy-to-use option is looked for, every now and then. Since the easy-to-use Lawn Mowers have excellent durability and efficiency, they have captured a significant position in the market of Garden Equipments. Choosing The Right Lawn Mower For Your Backyard Tue, 29 May 2012 10:13:55 +0530 Choosing the Right Lawn Mower is an important decision for any home owner. Before buying a Lawn Mower, it is important to understand the different types of Lawn Mowers available in the market. But before buying one, you should always consider the weight, safety features, price and handling convenience of the model.   If you want a right Lawn Mower for your backyard then these are the basic facts that you should consider and remember before buying it: How big is your lawn? What type of grass the lawns have? Is the grass thick, sparse or faux? How much you want to spend on your Mower? What is the location or terrain of your lawn? How many times do you mow your lawn? Is it daily, weekly or monthly?   It is also important to assess how much effort you can put physically into mowing the lawn. This is because sometimes health doesn’t allow us to work much so for that you can buy a Riding Mower.   Types Of Lawn Mowers: The Reel or Manual Lawn Mower is the basic and least expensive Lawn Mower; it has series of blades that cute the grass like Rolling Shears. It is best for the look of the lawn but it is tough to work with it if your lawn is big and grass is thick. Reel Mowers powered by gas engines are expensive and heavy; they are mostly used in professional yards. The other type of Lawn Mower is Gas Powered Rotary Mower. It has a safety handle that prevents the movement of blades till both handles are held at the same time and a starter that starts only when two buttons are pressed simultaneously. The next is Rotary Mowers, they can be used on thick grass and they are good to work on the lawns which are less than 20000 square feet in dimensions. Electric Lawn Mowers are run by electricity; they are light and limited by the length of their wire and usually narrower than gas powered Mowers. Battery Powered Mowers, they are heavy and one charged battery can cut 5000 square feet of lawn. For large areas, you can use a <b><a href="">Ride on Lawn Mower </a></b>; they can cut a large lawn because the swath is wider in it.   Attachments Of Mower: Plow blades Head lights Windshields Powerful engines Small truck for Riding Mowers CD players Drink holders   Now if you can answer the basic questions regarding requirement of the lawn mower and evaluate the different types & attachments as per your need then you can surely arrive at the right choice to Buy Lawn Mower that is perfect for you. About Lawn Mowers Tue, 29 May 2012 10:19:33 +0530 Lawn Mower is gardening equipment which comes in wide range of types and price. It consists of revolving blade that cuts and mulches the grass and keeps your lawn in a healthy state. There are various types of Lawn Mowers available but you should buy it depending on the lawn type you have.   Types Of Lawn Mowers: The smallest types of mowers, known as Manual Lawn Mowers which are pushed by human are suitable for small garden. For large areas, Ride On Mowers are used and for huge areas like golf course or other professional yards Multi Gang Mowers are used. Depending on rotation, there is a type of mower known as Cylinder Or Reel Mower. Cylinder Mowers carries a fixed horizontal cutting blade which is fast spinning, makes the cleanest cut of grass and also allows the grass to heal more quickly. Rotary Mowers rotate about in a vertical axis to give a rougher cut and bruise & shred the grass. On the basis of energy source, there are 2 types of Lawn Mowers- gasoline, and electric. Gasoline Mowers are powered by Internal Combustion Engines and they have greater power and distance, their power ranges from (1.5-6.75) KW. Electric Mowers are found both corded and cordless, corded mowers have limit of distance depending on their cord and cordless mowers are without wires and they are less powerful then gasoline motors.   Maintenance Of Lawn Mower: Be sure the motor is off before inspecting or repairing Lawn Mower equipment. Use a stick or broom to remove the waste in Lawn Mover rather than your hands. Keep Lawn Mowers in good working order. While using it for the first time in a season, make sure the machine is working correctly.   Advantages Of Lawn Mower: Grass Particles, insects, germs etc are collected by air suction which makes the lawn clean and hygienic. Time and labor saving for lawn owners.   Caution:Always read the manual before starting the machine and follow the instruction given. Lawn Mowers can be very dangerous, if not carefully used so wear sturdy shoes, long pants and gloves while mowing and you should never mow bare feet or in sandals. Make sure to move away from the cylinder head and take away the spark plug before any repairs. You should never touch the Lawn Mower Blade if the engine is off.   So all you need to do to have a well-pruned garden is to choose the right <b>< a href="">Garden Machines </a></b> and take proper precautions in maintaining and operating it. Ride on lawn mowers: What is a ride on mower? Tue, 05 Jun 2012 12:32:18 +0530 Lawn Mowers are the equipments used for cutting the grass and shaping the garden. Lawn Mowers are needed by many households and even in institutional areas or outside offices. However, Lawn Mowers are perfect for shaping the garden, but a lot of manual work is required in order to operate Lawn Mowers. Here’s where Ride on Lawn Mowers act as a convenient piece of machine for easy landscaping.   Riding Lawn Mowers are suitable for large lawns. They use horizontal rotating blade system. The operator controls the machine by sitting on it. These usually look like a small agricultural tractor.   Why Ride On Lawn Mower? Large Fuel Capacity: Riding Lawn Mowers have a larger fuel capacity than ordinary Lawn Mowers and are therefore capable of storing more fuel. Along with it they are automatic. Suited For Large Areas: Riding Lawn Mowers are perfect for mowing in large areas. People having large gardens prefer Riding Lawn Mowers as they reduce the manual work and make the trimming of bushes an easy job. Leaf Collector: Along with cutting the bushes and shaping the garden, Riding Lawn Mowers collect the leaves. This makes the work much easier as you don’t have to collect the leaves later. Adjustable: Riding Lawn Mowers have adjustable cutting decks, which enables the cutting of hard and tall grass. Make Mowing A Pleasurable Experience: Riding Lawn Mowers make mowing the field or garden a pleasurable experience. Riding Lawn Mower will not only assist in shaping the garden properly, but make mowing a pleasurable experience. Saves Time: Riding Lawn Mowers is an automatic machine, which is helpful in saving a lot of time. High Speed: Riding Lawn Mowers are superior to ordinary Lawn Mowers as they assist in speedy and efficient mowing of grass.   Qualities Of A Good Riding Lawn MowersA good Riding Lawn Mowers must have certain features such as: Comfortable Seat Smooth riding over different types of lands Adjustable deck height Quality of easy handling Tight turning radius Wide cutting path Powerful motor   <b><a href="">Ride On Lawn Mowers</a></b> are thus very beneficial, as they make the mowing of land simpler & easier and assist in saving a lot of time. There are many manufacturers who offer Riding Lawn Mowers online. One can go through various websites in order to review all the features and attributes of the Mowers. Garden Equipment - What Do You Really Need Tue, 05 Jun 2012 12:35:51 +0530 Maintaining a perfect garden is not at all an easy job. The foremost requirement for it is the availability of proper gardening equipment. No doubt, you can easily find a variety of gardening equipment, but they are of no use unless you are well aware about the proper technique to use them as well as its benefit for you as per your garden area and requirement.   Here are the basic essential gardening tools that you must possess for maintaining a healthy garden:  Lawn Mower: A lawn mower is a kind of garden equipment, which helps in cutting the grass and giving an even look to the garden. This garden tool features sharp revolving blades. It is available in diverse designs to accomplish specific requirements of different kinds of lawns. There are three different types of lawn mowers which are used to accomplish needs of different kinds of gardening purposes. One is simply pushed by the user, another one is meant for those who need to maintain a commercial garden. These are bigger in size and work automatically. The third category includes the gang mowers which are heaviest of all and are operated with the help of a tractor. Tiller: A Tiller is a gardening tool which is used while planting the lawn. Both manual as well as electric tillers are available to suit your requirements. It helps to maintain the soil in your garden. The main purpose of this gardening equipment is that it is used to dig hard soil so that it gets loosened easily. Shovel and Spade: A shovel is often used after the soil is loosened with a tiller. It helps to scoop loose sand. Spade on the other hand is again used for digging. While purchasing such equipment, one must look for those made up of forged metals having a sharp digging edge. Watering Can: As the name signifies, a watering can is gardening equipment which enables proper watering of the garden. It is always recommended to look for those with adjustable nozzles and with a capacity of about two gallons. Bypass Pruners: These are the handy tools that would help you easily perform various kind of gardening jobs. It would help to properly accomplish the task of gentle shaping, deadheading and also removing spent foliage. Make sure that you look for that equipment’s which can be easily cleaned and sharpened.   You need not waste your money in gathering a number of <b><a href="">Garden Machines</a></b> for your garden. In fact, you should make a smart choice and invest only in those tools which are actually of utmost relevance. Different Parts of a Lawn Mower Tue, 05 Jun 2012 12:39:29 +0530 The main reason of a garden that appears perfectly maintained and absolutely neat is that its grass is evenly cut. A Lawn Mower is a Garden Equipment, which helps in cutting the grass and giving it an even look. This garden tool features sharp revolving blades. It is available in diverse designs to accomplish specific requirements of different kinds of lawns.   The three broad categories of Lawn Mowers are as mentioned below: The simplest one is a lawn mower which can be pushed. These are small in size and are the best option for your residential lawns. Another type of lawn mowers is that which is most beneficial for those who own a commercial garden. It is different from those which are pushed by humans as it is large in size and works automatically. For example, the Ride On Mowers. The third category of lawn mowers is the multi gang mowers. It is the largest in size and operates with the help of a tractor. It is most suitable to be used in huge parks and golf courses.   Mentioned below are the important parts of a <b><a href="">Green Lawn Mower </a></b>about which one must be aware: Blades:It is very much clear from the function of a lawn mower, that the most significant component of the same must be its sharp blades. It is important so that the blade fits in properly. Opt for those with hard steel blades. Clutch Handle:It is another significant part of a lawn mower which allows a control in one’s hand to ensure perfect grass cutting. Roller Chain:As you know, the lawn mower works with the assistance of rotating blades. These blades run in a specified circular path which is controlled by this roller chain. Lawn Mover Covers:It acts as a protective layer for the lawn mowers. This part of it helps to keep away damage due to dust and rain. Tires:As a lawn mower operates while through its circular movement, it requires a strong tire base. There are different options available for lawn towers which include turf tires, ribbed tires and bar tread tires etc.   It is very important to be well aware about different parts of a lawn mower to make a good investment in it. It is equally important to keep changing the parts from time to time, so that its efficiency is not hampered. What Is Rotary Cultivator? Sat, 30 Jun 2012 10:43:24 +0530 Rotary cultivator or rotary tiller is a tool, used in garden, to prepare soil for planting or to improve the quality and condition of the soil of plants. The cultivator aerates the soil of plant i.e. mixes the air with soil. If you have a garden in your house then it becomes really important to take care on a regular basis. It is a place where you can relax after having a tiring day. It is said that Plants and trees in your garden become the family members by the course of time. They also need equal love and care otherwise they may die.   Rotary cultivator is the best tool to keep the soil fertile and rich in water and air. Cultivator or tiller consists of rotating blades which are sharp and made up of steel & aluminum. These blades are present for loosening and aerating the soil. The cultivation of soil is done to prevent the soil from hardening.  Hardening has to be prevented as it does not allow the flow of nutrients and water through the soil and the plant stops growing. Use of rotary cultivators provides life to hard soil; hence it is needed to be used from time to time. There are different types of rotary cultivators based on numerous applications: Field Cultivators: These cultivators are used in crop fields. The Field Cultivators prepare the seedbed, bury the crop remains, mix the soil and prevent the growth of weeds. Consequently, the crops grow well with enough nutrients and water. Row Crop Cultivators: These cultivators do not let the weeds grow between the rows of crops. Row Crop Cultivators is also known as Sweep Cultivators. These incorporate 3-point hitch and gauge wheels which control the depth. Weeds are removed from the centre of row by their centre blades and from the ends of row by rear sweeps. Garden Cultivators: These cultivators are used for both household and commercial gardens. For preparing a smooth seedbed for crops the Garden Cultivators perform both the functions of tillage i.e. plowing and harrowing. Single person-pushable toothed cultivators are used to remove the weeds from the rows.   There are many Rotary Garden Cultivator Suppliers in India which supply <b><a href="">Rotary Cultivators</a></b> in order to meet the requirements of every customer. Lightweight Rotary Cultivators can be preferred but one must check the power of the engine. Many cost-effective Rotary Cultivators,<b><a href="">Ride on lawn mower</a></b>,<b><a href="">Rotary Cultivator</a></b> are also sold online that are acclaimed for their high quality. So it is advised to explore well prior to purchasing. Wood Chippers Sat, 30 Jun 2012 10:46:12 +0530 To reduce the heavy and large pieces of wood into smaller forms like wood chips, mulch or saw dust, Wood Chippers are high in demand. Wood chips and saw dust are used in many ways and for different purposes. These Wood Chippers can be easily transported either with the help of trailer or truck. Wood Chippers usually consist of an internal combustion engine and a hydraulic crane. This internal combustion engine supplies the power to Wood Chipper.   The hopper is an essential part of Wood Chipper, which is designed with the intention of safety of a person. The wood logs are put into this hopper and then blades process the logs to get the end product. The final product is collected in a chute. This chute can be inclined at any angle to feed the product into trailer, truck or a bin. Wood Chippers are available in various sizes and the type of tree being chipped decides the size. A Wood Chipping Machine falls under different categories: High Torque Roller: These chippers are used for residential applications. Their working is based on the rollers which run on low speed but with a high torque. An electric motor is required to start the chipper. Its high torque roller chips the wood without making any noise. Dust is not created if you are using High torque roller for wood chipping. Disk Style Chipper: This chipper contains a disk made up of steel and knives are mounted on this disk, which chip the wood. The wood passes through the disk with the help of reversible hydraulic wheels. While the disk starts rotating, knives chip the wood. For high uniformity in size and shape of the final product, Disk Style Chipper is common among people. Drum Chipper: Drum Chipper is equipped with a drum which gets power from an electric motor. This drum is placed parallel to the hopper and spins continuously. Here chipping of wood is not very precise and the process is quite noisy. Also the large pieces of wood may create problem and get stuck in the drum. To overcome these problems Disk Style Chipper was invented and hence is preferred more.   The products of these Wood Chippers can be used for numerous purposes. The mulch acts as a protective layer which is laid down on the soil to prevent it from the climatic factors. In gardening, mulch plays an important role. It increases the capacity of soil for holding the moisture for long. It also does not let the weeds to grow around the plants. Mulch can also be used to enhance the quality of oil extracted from trees prior to oil distillation. The discarded or used wood fences can be recycled and used in Paper Industry for making papers. Wood Chippers or Shredders are also used to reduce the debris of trees. Many Wood Shredder Suppliers sell Wood chippers,<b><a href="">Brush cutter machine</a></b> and <b><a href="">Garden Hedge Trimmers</a></b>  through the medium of internet hence order can be placed online with reasonable shipping charges. But one thing to consider is that your should always compare the motor capacity and quality of Chippers and then get ready to pay. A Leaf Blower Can Professionally Maintain your Garden in Fall Sat, 30 Jun 2012 10:48:00 +0530 To enhance the beauty of garden and to make it a place to relax, it is really important to pay attention to garden maintenance. A number of tools are available to provide life to your garden. A Leaf Blower is used to keep the environment of your garden and its surroundings clean and healthy. It assists you in maintaining your garden like a professional cleaner. It is best suited for cleaning in autumn season. You can put an end to your worries by using Leaf Blower as it blows out the debris of leaves in your garden contributing towards air pollution.   Types Of Leaf BlowersAn electric motor or more commonly 2-stroke engine supplies power to leaf blower. Leaf Blower consists of a backpack and handheld wand.  The handheld leaf blower is ideal when the garden area is not so large. This blower is so handy and portable that you can blow away the leaves by moving freely with the Leaf Blower in your hand. Automated Leaf Blower can also be bought for the purpose of blowing out the fallen leaves from your garden. It is quite inexpensive as it does not require petrol or gasoline for power supply. It should be kept in mind that these small sized blowers are less noisy than Gasoline Leaf Blowers. Hence, for big industrial projects, gasoline based Leaf Blower is perfect to use.    Working PrincipleThe working principle is quite simple. Gasoline Leaf Blower is equipped with a fan that is capable to produce air to blow away the debris. This Leaf Blower is slightly expensive than the Automated Leaf Blower as you have to invest in gasoline also. It is suggested to always protect your ears from these noisy blowers. Apart from these Leaf Blowers, there are also some blowers which come with an extra bag to collect the debris or waste. These blowers are pretty faster than the ones discussed above.    Buying decisions can be taken on the basis of air speed and volume of Leaf Blowers. For using Leaf Blowers in small garden area, blowers with a weight of maximum 4 pounds are suitable. If your Leaf Blower incorporates a vacuum which is responsible for making mulch from leaves, then it should be made up of metal. Metal vacuum compresses the leaves in the best manner. The ends of the blower should be wide as it helps in collecting more leaves at a time. There is also an alternative to noisy Gas Leaf Blowers and that is the electric model of blowers. The best option while buying is to shop online, because the websites are informative enough to guide about the<b><a href="">Garden Machines</a></b>. Choosing the best Lawn Mowers Thu, 20 Nov 2014 12:57:07 +0530 Heavy duty stiga Electric Lawn mower is what customers should buy. Lawn mowers should be made using high skills of designing and engineering for them to be satisfactory to the users. It is therefore of great importance to note that only experienced manufacturers can give you the best machines. Technology should be highly used in their making to avoid using it manually. A good machine should be controlled through digital means. Mowers should be efficient at all times and should not be affected by any weather conditions because it will affect greatly the time of working.Features of a perfect <a href="">Lawn Mower</a>. The Model of the Mower real matters. The best to have been liked among the many currently in the market is the Combi 46 EL. It has provided excellent performance with no breakdowns at all. Power consumptions of the mowers should be economically friendly. The engine should therefore be made to consume less energy to save fuel and do a lot of work at the same time. Mowers should be made with strong materials such as steel for enhancement of their durability. This will help you to avoid changing the parts each and every time. Lawn Mowers should be easy to drive. They should be easy to propel. This is for convenience in the farm as it does the cutting and mulching of your crops. Remember, it should be kind of digital to make you find it easy to work without any disturbance of operation. A good cutting blade should be incorporated into it. It should be about 44cm for good results to be seen. It should be able to cut accurately as required to avoid destroying plants. If you choose carefully then you enjoy the services of your Lawn Mower. Get advice from the various manufacturers before buying one. Height adjustment should also be enhanced so that you raise and lower according to the required height. This should be more of an automatic action to avoid inconvenience at times of working. You will need a machine that you can easily adjust while working. The wheels should be strong and of the right size. This is to avoid unnecessary breakdown as you are working to avoid stoppage of your activities on the farm. It is very hard to find the best manufacturer, many are fake, but you need to stay careful to get the best machine. Make sure you know the right dimensions of the various parts of the machine for you to buy the correct one. The Best Garden Lawn Machine Suppliers in Delhi Wed, 17 Dec 2014 10:24:30 +0530 A lawn can be private or public. Different names are assigned to lawns depending on the use to which it is put under. Some of these specialized names, for example, include turf, pitch or field. They are mostly made of planted grass or may rarely be made of durable plants. They are maintained at the lowest possible height to serve the purpose meant, which mostly include aesthetic and recreational purposes. In the case of grass, other weeds of undesired characteristics may grow together with the planted grass hence affecting the beauty and function of the lawn. Maintenance of lawns, therefore, mainly entails two major things. The first one being maintenance of the height of the grass and the second one involves killing of the undesired weed and pests that may grow together with the planted grass. <b><a href="">Garden lawn machine suppliers in Delhi</a></b> provide a wide range of machinery that can help you trim your lawn to the desired size.In a lot of parts in the world lawns are either found on private gardens or in the public as in parks and other public landscape. The use in football is effective because lawns provide a cushion to the foot of players as they also mitigate injury to foot and generation of dust that may be generated by the intensive force applied on the ground by the players.Factors that affect the choice of garden lawn machine Type of lawn grown. The type of your lawn affects the machinery that you may use to maintain it. In cases where the height of grass need is as low as several millimeters, you may need to get a lawn mower that is refined and can achieve such a target without leaving marks on the ground or harming other grass. Climate zone of your residence can also affect the type of machine you need to buy. In dry areas, for example, it would be advisable to acquire a mower that will not generate a lot of dust. The stage of lawn preparation can also dictate the type of machinery to acquire. In the early stages of preparation, you may need broadcast spreaders. These can be attached to tractors and can help in spreading the seeds or fertilizers. In the later stages, a lawn mower will be more advisable as it trims the grass to the desired height. The durability of your machinery most of the times relates to the efficiency and decreased cost of maintenance. Leaf Blower - Most Useful Tool for Cleaning Purpose Thu, 29 Jan 2015 10:34:07 +0530 Do you have garden and you love to keep it neat and organized? But this may not be as easy a task as it sounds. If you have trees in your garden, or hedges along the driveway that require regular trimming, you can understand the mess created by the fallen leaves and the nipped branches every now and then. The task of getting rid of this mess, which could otherwise easily take hours depending on the garden area, is made easy and quick – all thanks to the Garden Blowers. Also referred to as <b><a href="">Leaf Blowers</a></b>, these can easily clean your garden area within a couple of minutes. Isn’t it fantastic to have such a handy product that can be easily used to clean your whole garden area without wasting too much of time? A Leaf Blower is a machine which clears the garden area by blowing away the extra leaves. Leaf Blower is easy to use and safe to operate; it is an essential gardening equipment to own.Different Types Of Leaf Blowers Handy leaf Blower: Handy Leaf Blower is commonly used in small garden area. They are less expensive and very easy to use. Backpack Hand Blower: This type of Leaf Blower can be carried like bag while using. They are quite expensive as compared to Handy Blowers. Earlier, there were two stroke engines in Leaf Blowers but now four stroke engines are widely being used. If you are thinking about Buying Leaf Blower, then you can make a selection on the basis of the source of power it uses: Electric Battery Operated Gas Depending on which of these proves most convenient and cost effective, you can buy an appropriate leaf blower accordingly. Different kinds of Garden blowers are easily available in the market so you can choose the most suited one for your garden. There are number of Garden Accessories Manufactures who offer you the all types of Leaf Blower at reasonable rates. Keep Your Lawns Lush Green with Lawn Mowers Thu, 19 Feb 2015 15:09:30 +0530 A lush green lawn in any house will always add to its beauty. It has become a style statement of many residences, especially sub-urban houses. Maintaining a lawn and keeping it at its best requires some equipment that is easily available in the market. A lawn mower is one such machine that has revolving blades on it to cut the grass in the lawn and keep it at an even height. The blades of a lawn mower are powered either manually or electrically.    Types of Lawn Mowers Manual Lawn Mowers – This type of Lawn Mowers are the oldest among the range of mowers available today. But there are still some Manual Lawn Mower Suppliers and Dealers who supply them. The reel of this machine is attached to the mower's wheels by gears that make the reel spin faster than the rubber wheels when it is pushed. They are eco-friendly as well because they do not use any form energy or fuel to operate. Manual Lawn Mowers are totally dependent on human strength which is why they are very tiresome to use and hence not recommended for large lawns. They are suitable for small residential lawns and gardens. Electric Lawn Mowers - Electric lawn mowers run on electric power and can be divided into two sub divisions of corded and cordless electric lawn mowers. Corded Electric Lawn Mowers are powered by a wire or a cable from a power source whereas Cordless Electric Mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries. Ride On Mower - Ride on Lawn Mowers have many add on features such as a seat for the operator who can control the mower and ride the machine. They are suitable for large lawns, golf courses, and parks.  Petrol Lawn Mower - Petrol Lawn Mowers are powered by an internal combustion engine. They are usually four-stroke engines that give greater torque and require liquid fuel.   Grass is a very important part of landscapes and requires different types of mowers to preserve its beauty. Mowers are essential for maintaining the lawns at our homes and workplaces. Beautiful lawns make a place aesthetically pleasing which in a way gives us peace of mind and calmness. Greenery is always eye pleasing, so go green with eco-friendly <a href="">lawn mowers</a>. Maintenance Of Lawn Mowers Tue, 17 Mar 2015 13:01:55 +0530 Land Mower is a wonder device used for levelling of the grass on the lawn surface. It comes in various forms of which, Manual Lawn Mower is one of the earliest. Manual Lawn Mower is easier to handle, hassle-free, quiet to use and also, do not cause pollution. The latest technology includes Motorised as well as Electric Lawn Mowers. Let’s take a quick look at the tips to maintain a Lawn Mower for a longer life:Check your mowerBefore and after every use, make sure to check every part of your mower. Make it a point to ensure that every part is fit to use and adheres to the following checklist. Check the oil level Check the air filter Check underneath the mower for any oil or gasoline leaks. Check all the nuts and the blades, and All the controls for better usage. Blade replacementIt is important to check the Lawn Mower blades frequently and to replace them with new blades in case the previous ones crack and get them sharpened  in case they wear out.LubricationEnsure the lubrication of pivot points and the wheels and rear wheel gears at least once in every season with light oil for better functioning, also in the case of a Manual Lawn Mower.Distributers and dealers of Manual Lawn Mowers in Delhi provide a useful manual to ensure an easier usage.Material UsedBefore deciding upon a lawn mower, in case of Manual Lawn Mowers, make it a point to check the material used. It is preferable to buy an aluminium-body mower with steel- gears like the ones provided by Distributers and dealers of Manual Lawn Mowers In Delhi, as there will be least possibility of corrosion even if  they are not used for quite a while.<b><a href="">Lawn Mowers</a></b> are an easy way to manage one’s lawn area. In order to avoid time and effort spent on its maintenance, consumers prefer Manual Lawn Mowers In Delhi for their easy-handling and minimal maintenance. One can always consult the service provider for assistance. Know Your Choice In Lawn Mowers Mon, 18 May 2015 10:28:47 +0530 A Lawn Mower is a machine that is used in most gardens to cut the growing grass in an even size and shape. This machine includes revolving blades either powered by hand or operated by a machine is used to cut an even length of grass and make your Lawn presentable. If you are planning on purchasing a Lawn Mower than there is a variety of different of such machines available with various Professional Lawn Mower Suppliers. In Delhi, you can find a variety of Professional or Manually Operated Lawn Mowers present in most Farmhouses or Villas in the city. Before purchasing your own machine, here are a few types of Lawn Mowers that you should be aware of. Motorized Lawn MowersThere are mainly two types of Motorized Lawn Mowers listed below- Rotary Push Lawn Mowers: These machines are quite heavy that can be powered by gas, petrol or electricity. The Rotary motor is well adapted to Lawns that contain weed and dandelions. Usually heavy to push, such devices come with motorized wheels that are mostly self-propelled. Riding Mowers: Such machines offer a seat along with the machine where a operator can run the machine while being seated on it and does not have to work around the whole Lawn that can be tiring. Zero-Turn Lawn MowerThese machines are easy to turn around objects and favored for their zero turning radius option. Although such machines are large and expensive, they can be used for extensive work required in Lawns.Tractor Lawn MowersSuch Lawn Mowing machine look similar to a small Tractor including a Mower mounted between the front and rear wheel of the machine. These machines can be used for a hug Lawn area that needs different types of cuttings and designing.Other than these categories, <b><a href="">Manual Lawn Mowers</a></b> are available that are popular for their economic and durable properties, but require to be operated entirely by an individual.