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What Is Rotary Cultivator?

Posted by on June, 30, 2012

Rotary cultivator or rotary tiller is a tool, used in garden, to prepare soil for planting or to improve the quality and condition of the soil of plants. The cultivator aerates the soil of plant i.e. mixes the air with soil. If you have a garden in your house then it becomes really important to take care on a regular basis. It is a place where you can relax after having a tiring day. It is said that Plants and trees in your garden become the family members by the course of time. They also need equal love and care otherwise they may die.

Rotary cultivator is the best tool to keep the soil fertile and rich in water and air. Cultivator or tiller consists of rotating blades which are sharp and made up of steel & aluminum. These blades are present for loosening and aerating the soil. The cultivation of soil is done to prevent the soil from hardening. Hardening has to be prevented as it does not allow the flow of nutrients and water through the soil and the plant stops growing. Use of rotary cultivators provides life to hard soil; hence it is needed to be used from time to time. There are different types of rotary cultivators based on numerous applications:

  • Field Cultivators: These cultivators are used in crop fields. The Field Cultivators prepare the seedbed, bury the crop remains, mix the soil and prevent the growth of weeds. Consequently, the crops grow well with enough nutrients and water.
  • Row Crop Cultivators: These cultivators do not let the weeds grow between the rows of crops. Row Crop Cultivators is also known as Sweep Cultivators. These incorporate 3-point hitch and gauge wheels which control the depth. Weeds are removed from the centre of row by their centre blades and from the ends of row by rear sweeps.
  • Garden Cultivators: These cultivators are used for both household and commercial gardens. For preparing a smooth seedbed for crops the Garden Cultivators perform both the functions of tillage i.e. plowing and harrowing. Single person-pushable toothed cultivators are used to remove the weeds from the rows.

There are many Rotary Garden Cultivator Suppliers in India which supply Rotary Cultivators in order to meet the requirements of every customer. Lightweight Rotary Cultivators can be preferred but one must check the power of the engine. Many cost-effective Rotary Cultivators,Ride on lawn mower,Rotary Cultivator are also sold online that are acclaimed for their high quality. So it is advised to explore well prior to purchasing.

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