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Maintenance Of Lawn Mowers

Posted by on March, 17, 2015

Land Mower is a wonder device used for levelling of the grass on the lawn surface. It comes in various forms of which, Manual Lawn Mower is one of the earliest. Manual Lawn Mower is easier to handle, hassle-free, quiet to use and also, do not cause pollution. The latest technology includes Motorised as well as Electric Lawn Mowers. Let’s take a quick look at the tips to maintain a Lawn Mower for a longer life:

Check your mower
Before and after every use, make sure to check every part of your mower. Make it a point to ensure that every part is fit to use and adheres to the following checklist.
  • Check the oil level
  • Check the air filter
  • Check underneath the mower for any oil or gasoline leaks.
  • Check all the nuts and the blades, and
  • All the controls for better usage.

Blade replacement
It is important to check the Lawn Mower blades frequently and to replace them with new blades in case the previous ones crack and get them sharpened in case they wear out.

Ensure the lubrication of pivot points and the wheels and rear wheel gears at least once in every season with light oil for better functioning, also in the case of a Manual Lawn Mower.
Distributers and dealers of Manual Lawn Mowers in Delhi provide a useful manual to ensure an easier usage.

Material Used
Before deciding upon a lawn mower, in case of Manual Lawn Mowers, make it a point to check the material used. It is preferable to buy an aluminium-body mower with steel- gears like the ones provided by Distributers and dealers of Manual Lawn Mowers In Delhi, as there will be least possibility of corrosion even if they are not used for quite a while.

Lawn Mowers are an easy way to manage one’s lawn area. In order to avoid time and effort spent on its maintenance, consumers prefer Manual Lawn Mowers In Delhi for their easy-handling and minimal maintenance. One can always consult the service provider for assistance.

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