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Different Parts Of A Lawn Mower

Posted by on June, 05, 2012

The main reason of a garden that appears perfectly maintained and absolutely neat is that its grass is evenly cut. A Lawn Mower is a Garden Equipment, which helps in cutting the grass and giving it an even look. This garden tool features sharp revolving blades. It is available in diverse designs to accomplish specific requirements of different kinds of lawns.

The three broad categories of Lawn Mowers are as mentioned below:

  • The simplest one is a lawn mower which can be pushed. These are small in size and are the best option for your residential lawns.
  • Another type of lawn mowers is that which is most beneficial for those who own a commercial garden. It is different from those which are pushed by humans as it is large in size and works automatically. For example, the Ride On Mowers.
  • The third category of lawn mowers is the multi gang mowers. It is the largest in size and operates with the help of a tractor. It is most suitable to be used in huge parks and golf courses.

Mentioned below are the important parts of a Green Lawn Mower about which one must be aware:

  • Blades:
    It is very much clear from the function of a lawn mower, that the most significant component of the same must be its sharp blades. It is important so that the blade fits in properly. Opt for those with hard steel blades.
  • Clutch Handle:
    It is another significant part of a lawn mower which allows a control in one’s hand to ensure perfect grass cutting.
  • Roller Chain:
    As you know, the lawn mower works with the assistance of rotating blades. These blades run in a specified circular path which is controlled by this roller chain.
  • Lawn Mover Covers:
    It acts as a protective layer for the lawn mowers. This part of it helps to keep away damage due to dust and rain.
  • Tires:
    As a lawn mower operates while through its circular movement, it requires a strong tire base. There are different options available for lawn towers which include turf tires, ribbed tires and bar tread tires etc.

It is very important to be well aware about different parts of a lawn mower to make a good investment in it. It is equally important to keep changing the parts from time to time, so that its efficiency is not hampered.

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